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MTP Gold Medal competition


The MTP Gold Medal is one of the best recognised awards in the Polish market, which is awarded – after thorough evaluation by experts – to innovative products of the highest quality.

Feel invited to participate in the Gold Medal competition, the most exclusive competition for high quality innovative products. The distinction goes to products which meet the competition’s regulations criteria and which will gain positive recommendations from a professional jury. The Competition Jury, i. e. a team composed of eminent experts representing relevant areas of economy, look for modern and innovative products, which are produced on the basis of cutting-edge technologies and characterized by special properties including the following

  • Modernity of the applied solutions in comparison with global solutions
  • Level of application of innovative solutions
  • Product economic efficiency and its usage qualities (including the price, operational and service costs, as well as costs of disposal)
  • Impact of the product upon the environment (including the regeneration methods, recycling and biodegradability)
  • Efficiency with regard to material and energy consumption
  • Product functionality (understood as a combination of usability and practicality)
  • Product aesthetics
  • Degree of adaptability to transferring solutions for practical applications – only in the case of products which are results of research, construction, technological, operational and service projects – adjusted to the transfer as described above

We took into consideration the comments shared by the exhibitors and suggestions provided by the members of the Competition Jury, who did not want to settle the applications only on the documents provided, but wanted to test the original products directly at the stands. Therefore, in 2017 we changed the rules of evaluating the furniture registered for the MTP Gold Medal competition.

According to the new rules, the furniture is evaluated in two stages. First, following examination of the documentation submitted, the Competition Jury will nominate furniture for the MTP Gold Medal competition. The list of the nominated products will be provided after the jury gathering prior to the fair. The final selection of the laureates will take place on the first day of the MEBLE POLAND fair. The Competition Jury members will evaluate the products at the stands before midday. That same day will also include a solemn gala, where the awarded products will be honored with the MTP Gold Medals.

Products that will enter the competition at the MEBLE fair are to be evaluated in two subcategories:

  • PREMIERES – including prototype products specially prepared for an exhibition (items which have legal certificates and attestations, including those for use and sale on the Polish market which do not require additional laboratory, operational and experimental tests);
  • QUALITY CERTIFIED – including products available in retail chains which have applicable certificates, approvals and attestations relevant to the product entering the competition, which prove safety of use of the registered products, issued by independent research centers (laboratories), as well as any other documents relevant to the registered product, presenting its qualities, including opinions of its users, where possible.


Each laureate of the competition will receive the MEDALIST PACKAGE comprised of a whole range of promotional services including:

  • the prestigious statuette of the Gold Medal
  • the right to label the awarded product with the Gold Medal logotype
  • the logotype and the sign book – to be used for the marketing campaign of the laureate
  • a template of an advertisement promoting the laureate
  • an A4 stand featured with the Gold Medal logo
  • information about winning the Gold Medal published in the media
  • a list of the awarded products published on the MTP’s websites
  • materials promoting the company’s product displayed in the CHAMPION ZONE
  • materials promoting the product published on the website,
  • designation of the Gold Medal laureates in the materials dedicated for visitors
  • photos from the award gala
  • a promotional movie from the Award Gala

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