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How to effectively use the platform?


How to use the platform, i.e. several steps to successfully participate in the MEBLE POLAND Special Edition.


Introduce yourself

Become more visible on the platform and increase your chances of meeting exhibitors and other attendees of the event. After registering on the platform, you have the opportunity to complete your profile, which is your professional bio.

The more information you include about yourself, the more attractive your profile will be and the more chances you will have to make contacts and arrange meetings.

Integrate your account with Facebook and LinkedIn

When registering, you can integrate with your Facebook or LinkedIn account so that some of your information and a photo will be automatically added to your profile on the platform.

Make sure that your profile is attractive

After logging into the platform, click on the profile button, in the top right corner, to provide your personal information.

  1. the key is to provide personal information.
    First name and last name  should already be visible. You can always edit them.
  2. be visible to others and upload your photo
  3. enter a header that briefly tells us what you do
  4. specify your current position and company name
  5. the platform brings together representatives from different parts of the world, so it is worth specifying the location of your business
  6. update the list of products you are interested in from the FURNITURE category or HOME DECOR category
  7. select from the available options the type of company you are interested in
  8. enter the country in which you conduct business
  9. specify the preferred language in which you would like to conduct meetings
  10. include a short summary - describe your experience, the purpose of your participation in the event or just give a short welcome
Specify your availability

Select the times when you are available or busy for those interested in having a meeting with you. You can manage your availability in your Profile (Profile => Manage my availability).




Search and make contacts

Browse for exhibitors, company representatives, speakers and other attendees easily. Use the available filters to select partners for conversations that match your preferences.

View recommended contacts

Check the contacts that the platform suggests to you. These business profiles are recommended for you and match your business interests.

Find out who has shown interest in you

Enjoy access to a list of profiles that have shown interest in you. If you show interest in them, you can chat with them and arrange meetings.

Make appointments

Once you've selected potential partners, send a one-click meeting invitation.

Accept or decline meeting invitations

Don't forget to provide feedback to people who are interested in meeting you. For the meeting to take place, you must accept the invitation.

Use the video and chat options

During a virtual meeting, you can use both video and chat features. You can also share your screen and invite additional people to join in the conversation.



Check the agenda of events

Special online broadcasts such as interesting presentations, conference panels and webinars will take place in the main window of the platform.

Event program of MEBLE POLSKA Special Edition