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Winners of the Gold Medal 2019


Products submitted for MEBLE POLSKA competition are assessed in two sub-categories:

  • NEW PRODUCTS - prototypes of products prepared especially for the exhibition (products with legally required approvals and certifications, including the suitability for use and marketing in Poland, which do not require any additional laboratory, operational and experimental tests)
  • PROVEN QUALITY - products offered in retail chains, which have all required certificates, approvals and other attestations, confirming their operational safety and issued by independent research centres (laboratories), as well as other documents required for the submitted products, presenting their qualities, including if possible the opinions of users.

From many products submitted to the competition, the Jury chaired by  Prof. Ewa Ratajczak, Director of the Institute of Wood Technology in Poznań, selected  37 products  to be awarded in the competition for the  Gold Medal of MEBLE POLSKA Fair

Congratulations to all exhibitors whose products have been awarded with this prestigious award.

All MTP Gold Medals are equivalent. The list is arranged alphabetically by product.



BUENO multimodal upholstered furniture programme
POLDEM Group,Łódź; STELLA Sp. z o.o., Łódź


A very extensive collection, including a large number of modules, consisting of conventional sofas and blocks for corner structures, additionally extended by two variants of pouffes complementing the main modules. The design concept is dedicated strictly to interiors of a highly modernist nature. The structure emanates elegance and precision of finishing, expressed e.g. in the intricately made decorative stitchings on the seats. Very long, 16 cm legs, made of little popular combination of natural wood and metal, are an additional element properly stressing the design prestige of the collection. The use of legs of above-average length in combination with the compactness of the seat area, gives the furniture easily noticeable, typical lightness. The modules are equipped with mechanisms allowing for individual setting of the preferred seat depth and smoothly adjustable headrest, which naturally and clearly raises the advantages associated with the comfort of use. The elements may be optionally equipped with LED light and USB power socket. The sofas manufacturing process meets the highest environmental and ergonomic standards. The furniture is available in a wide range of upholstery and imitation leather fabrics.

Medivis Talalay Blue H3 Cooling mattress
M&K FOAM GmbH Sp. z o.o., Koło


In the Medivis Talalay Blue H3, the highest quality Talalay latex has been used. The mattress consists of 2 latex plates. The upper one with a height of 7.5 cm is made of Intuition Blue latex comprising 60% of natural latex with a density of approx. 60 kg/m3, and the lower one is made of 100% Talalay natural latex with a density of approx. 99 kg/m and a height of 14 cm. The inside of the mattress is placed in an additional inner bag, providing better protection of the mattress. The Cooling cover made of a material with a basis weight of 520g/m2 made from viscose (33.89%) elastane (6.83%) and Zen thread (0.68%, including 20% stainless steel and 80% polyester). Due to the delicate fibre of the covers, washing is possible in the temp. of 30°C. The Cooling cover offers the cooling effect due to the microcapsules with menthol crystals contained in cover.

MOON multimodal upholstered furniture programme
POLDEM Group ,Łódź; STELLA Sp. z o.o., Łódź

MOON multimodal upholstered furniture programme. The product line was designed primarily for very large modern style living spaces. The programme is surely a unique design solution for upholstered furniture, providing an above-average amount of corner configurations and the possibility of free designing various spatial arrangements using the modules, including "vis a vis" arrangements. The concept has also been created to meet the need of exceptional freedom of "colour play", i.e. the possibility of using modules in different colours of upholstery fabric. This solution not only highlights the originality of the design itself, but primarily it is intended to give the effect of sublime visual harmony with the interior characterized by diverse colours. The line guarantees an extremely high level of comfort, resulting primarily from the extensive, deep seats, as well as the use of mobile headrests. Moreover, all the major collection seat modules can be optionally equipped with the Relax feature, which further improves the usability of the furniture. The sofas manufacturing process meets the highest environmental and ergonomic standards.


Fabryka Mebli "Wersal" Kaczorowscy Sp.j.,  Baranów

An undeniable advantage of the Denvo corner sofa is its design and materials and mechanisms used in the production. It has three sliding backrests, so you can freely adjust the seat depth. In addition, it is equipped with five adjustable headrests, which results in the fact that virtually every sitting person can individually adjust the backrest to his or her needs. The practicality of the furniture is also enhanced by equipping the Denvo corner sofa with sleep function and a bed linen container, while tasteful stitching and quilting raise the aesthetic value of the product. Denvo is an entirely new product among the corner sofas manufactured by Fabryka Mebli "WERSAL”, the premiere presentation of which will take place at the Meble Polska 2019 Furniture Fair.

PREMIERA XL mattress
Fabryka Materacy JANPOL Sp. z o.o., Orzesze

is a very comfortable model for people who value high and stable mattresses. XL consists of the basic mattress and a detachable mattress bed pad, thanks to which it is possible to adjust the hardness of the whole structure. The combination of as many as four layers of highly elastic foam with pocket spring guarantees excellent body support, also for people with a higher weight. The XL mattress is a very durable product, and its sturdy construction ensures a restful sleep for many years. It means full-size sleeping comfort.

Manager Spinergo armchair
Spinergo a.s.,  Presov,  SLOVAKIA

Medically tested and patented office Manager chair with Move&Stop System 2.0 The chair has patented system Move&Stop 2.0. The chair seat moves in all directions. The worl unique patent is, that the moving system is possible to fix. It means you have 2 chairs in 1. You have a fitball and a chair in one. The chair offers the possibility of active and passive sitting. Such option is very healthy, and a lot of orthopaedic specialists recommend this type of sitting. The Spinergo chairs have been developed, patented and they are manufactured in Slovakia.

WAJNERT MEBLE Sp. z o.o., Międzybórz

We are proud to present a comfortable collection of MOCCA modular furniture with adjustable headrests that literally fits everyone. It is great for lazy, family weekends, perfect for an afternoon rest after work, excellent for evening meetings with friends, and wonderful for peaceful, sweet dreams. Strong, sophisticated form of the furniture offering incredible comfort and numerous functionalities will appeal to a number of people who love resting at home. Thanks to the relaxation function, sleep function and the container, this piece of furniture can serve as a place to work, play and rest! The diverse modules of the MOCCA sofas or corner sofas collection make it possible for the user to adapt them to the house area and the optimal use of available space. They work especially well at the centre of the room, but they look equally good in the corner, or right next to the wall. We can assure you that they will look excellent always and everywhere. ADVANTAGES of the MOCCA collection • modular collection • relaxation function • adjustable headrests • sleep function and bed linen container • black chrome coated legs

ROYS corner sofa
PPHU DOLMAR spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.k., Kępno

ROYS corner sofa is an elegant upholstered piece of furniture, which will raise the standard of any interior. It will work well both in the living room and in public places such as offices, clubs or exhibition areas. Quilted backrest and decorative metal legs add visual appeal, while the adjustable headrests or shelves placed in the armrests are responsible for the furniture functionality. The shelves are also located in the rear of the corner sofa, allowing it to stand in the middle of any room. Roys can be made using virtually any material, but it definitely looks best in a natural leather, allowing you to treat it as a luxury product.

Sweet Sofa
Fabryka Mebli "Wersal" Kaczorowscy Sp.j.,  Baranów

The design of the Sweet sofa and materials used in the production are in accordance with the latest trends. The seat and backrest is made using the Bonnell spring. An additional advantage of the sofa is its high comfort of use, achieved through the use of a seat pad made of highly elastic foam, which guarantees exceptional comfort. The same pad has been fitted on with backrest, which, when unfolded, offers the same comfort and convenience of sleep as the seat. The avant-garde colour, tasteful quilting and decorative elements in the form of oak strip and black, elegant legs, make the Sweet sofa a piece of furniture of the 21st century.


DIG-NET LENART Sp. j.,  Mroczeń

BED CONCEPT- more convenient than ever before! The BED CONCEPT murphy bed is a modern version of the popular piece of furniture, which has been equipped with a range of solutions tailored to the requirements of modern interiors. BED CONCEPT allows to ergonomically change room roles, combining the convenience of a traditional bed with extraordinary functionality and elegant design. This piece of furniture has undergone a total makeover and it is a safe, comfortable to use, and stylish solution. More space to live BED CONCEPT is a solution designed for rooms that teem with life during the day and in the evening they turn into a bedroom. The system is ideally suited for any interior – a small family apartment, a studio occupied by single person, a living room, a student bedroom, an office.

DIAG desk
B&B Design Marek Błażucki - BOZZETTI private label, Kraków

DIAG desk is a piece of furniture designed as both a wall and free-standing unit. The shape of the top, designed as a structural element of a non-stereotypical form, results from functional conditions - the rims prevent accidental falling objects off the desk; moreover, the higher rear rim with notches is a place for simple mounting of optional accessories made of leather, serving as containers for small utensils. The colour range of the top finishing - veneer / wood (oak or walnut) or one of the 10 colours available in combination with frame in two different colours (brushed stainless steel and textured anthracite paint), make it possible to obtain 24 versions of the furniture finishing.

Fabryka Mebli TARANKO Aleksander Taranko,  Morąg

The DAVOS furniture system by Fabryka Mebli TARANKO fully meets the requirements of customers expecting high functionality combined with an interesting design. The collection in cold white colour supplemented by aged, structured oak details, perfectly matches modern interiors. The entire system is a perfect harmony of style and colour – a balance between cold white and warm amber.

Avignon Furniture Collection
Szynaka-Meble Sp. z o.o., Lubawa


House is a space of constant transformation. On one day it is a bustling meeting place, and on another day it turns into a safe haven where you can soothe the senses. Inspired by the changing rhythm of your life, we have created the Avignon collection, which is a our response to the diverse needs of users. Modern design which reflects global trends, functionality and precise manufacture with attention to every detail result in the fact that using this collection furniture, original arrangements are created. The combination of natural wood with glazed spaces, and harmonious fusion of colours intrigues, fascinates and inspires you to create a beautiful world around you.

Marrone kitchen
Stolarstwo Usługi Meblowo-Budowlane Adrian Halupczok,  Krzyżowa Dolina

The duo of ancient bronze and marble decor in MARRONE are the announcement of the wealth of aesthetic experience. Its dominant colour is reminiscent of desert landscape, that gets slightly more delicate in combination with a shining fronts representing the elegance of the Orient. The kitchen island attracts with the delicacy of velvet, and the embedded bronze particles give it a discreet shine. Subtle backlights emphasize the natural grain of the wood, and capacious drawers highlight the functional advantages of the collection. The innovative character of the concept is reflected by the glazed cabinet and imaginatively blended oak wine fridge. The combination of luxurious minimalism and elegance results in a magic aura, inviting you to discover the special designer's features hidden in MARRONE.

Fabryka Mebli TARANKO Aleksander Taranko,  Morąg

The NICE collection has been created with the objective to maintain the long tradition of stylized furniture production based not only on best-practice methods of carpentry craftsmanship, but also on modern and advanced furniture technologies. The elegant simplicity of veneered body in antique cherry colour surrounded by beautiful yet modest frame, while maintaining the unique character of structural fronts, make the rooms in which it is placed gain prestige, and the collection's undeniable charm creates excellent arrangement opportunities.

IDŹCZAK-MEBLE Firma Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowa Roman Idźczak, ŁĘKA OPATOWSKA

SMART is a multi-functional piece of furniture, dedicated primarily to small rooms thanks to the its sleep, work and storage functions. It will serve well for users of all ages. The thoughtful design ensures safe and intuitive use. The most typical feature is the rotating table top, which can be used in any position as a desk, bedside table or even a place for comfortable meal consumption. In addition, the retractable mattress serves as a bed and sofa.


Close-to-nature design of the Rovika collection keeps up with the latest interior design trends. This collection will allow you to bring a little bit of nature into modern interior, even in the very heart of a bustling city. Ideally smooth, glossy white of the fronts is a beautiful frame for slightly rearward, veneered drawers with palpable oak texture. Natural veneer catches the eye and makes the minimalist form of the furniture gain a noble character. With high comfort of use in mind, the Rovika furniture is equipped with a silent closing system for cabinets and drawers. The individual elements can be combined to form your own, individual arrangements.