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Event program of MEBLE POLSKA Special Edition


Digital business meetings MEBLE POLSKA Special Edition will be accompanied by interesting lectures. See the current program of events.

Event agenda


Tuesday May 25th, 2021

The Polish furniture industry one year after the outbreak of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic

Time (CET)

Session title


10:00 – 10:45

Polish furniture industry - market commentary and prospects for 2021.

Kamil Mikołajczyk

Santander Bank Polska


How to successfully scale your Home & Living business in online B2B on export markets?

Selling Home & Living products online has specific challenges. Making your business e-commerce ready, finding an experienced online partner and sharing the areas of expertise along the value chain will allow you to easily enter and scale your business on export markets.

Tomasz Kosobucki, Jakob Nyirö, WAYFAIR

12.10 - 12.55

Polish furniture industry - conclusions after one year of the SARS - COV -2 pandemic based on the Polskie Meble Outlook report.

Tomasz Wiktorski


13.15 - 14.00

E-commerce in the B2B formula - presentation of the conclusions of the Santander Bank report.

During this meeting, we will try to answer the following questions:

-   How much is the B2B e-commerce market in Poland worth?

-   What are the advantages of this sales model?

-   What are the biggest selling companies in the B2B e-commerce model?

-   In which markets has this model become popular, where is the potential still available?

-   What are the barriers to the development of B2B e-commerce in Poland?

Maciej Nałęcz

Santander Bank Polska

14.35 - 15.20

Changes in retail prices of furniture on the furniture market - conclusions from the new R&D STUDIO study.

Tomasz Wiktorski


Wednesday May 26th, 2021

Export support instruments as a way to develop furniture sales on export markets.

Time (CET)

Session title


10.00 – 10.50

New export support system offered by KUKE group.

Piotr Maciaszek


Piotr Paczyński


11.10 – 12.00

Santander Trade Portal - as a tool to support foreign trade for companies.

During this meeting, we will try to answer the following questions:

How to change the supply chain together with a bank?

How to find a reliable business partner?

How to secure a transaction?

Anna Wierzbicka, Robert Fedorowicz

Santander Bank Polska

12.20 – 13.10

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) supports in the internationalization of activities and promotion on global markets and presentation of the Polish Tech Bridges and Expo 2020 Dubai projects.

Investment incentives in Poland and new rules for awarding government grants.


Anastazja Kaczmarek, Natalia Dąbrowska, Leszek Kołodziejczyk, Michał Radek, PAIH

13.30 – 14.15

International FCI factoring at Santander Bank.

Increasing the security of commercial transactions with the recipient is one of the elements that exporters pay special attention to. An interesting solution is the so-called Export factoring in the system of two factors (without recourse), in which the risk of insolvency of a foreign recipient is assumed by the Import Partner (a foreign factor operating in the recipient's country). This type of factoring guarantees smooth financing of the current activity even in the case of non-payment by the Recipient.

During this meeting, we will try to answer the following questions:

- How to find and verify foreign contractors?

- How to secure payments from recipients?

- How to finance the sale?

- How to check the credibility of the company you want to cooperate with?

Dorota Szcześniak, Maciej Mocek

Santander Factoring


Thursday May 27th, 2021

Prospective export markets - get to know them together with PAIH.

Time (CET)

Session title


10.00 - 10.30

ABC of Export - the first steps in exporting.

Wojciech Nowicki,  PAIH

10:50 - 12:20

The wealth of the furniture sector in the Arabian markets.

GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) market - various segments, calculations and approaches to business by countries: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE.

Jacek Grad PAIH

Radosław Kyc ZBH Rijad, Jarosław Al-Abbas ZBH Kuwejt, Adil Abdelwahab ZBH Dubaj, Ziad Abdulkarim, Riyadh House 

13:10 - 14.50

The potential and challenges of the furniture industry in Europe.

Panel discussion with experts from PAIH in Austria, Germany, Great Britain and France and a business representative, including Q&A sessions.

Justyna Lipczyńska, PAIH

Anna Polańska ZBH Frankfurt, Barbara Kamińska-Szuba ZBH Wiedeń, Kajetan Rościszewski ZBH Paryż, Wojciech Stando ZBH Londyn, Magdalena Majkowska, Pracownia Stolarska Majkowski


The specificity of entering the American market.

Aleksandra Soroczyńska ZBH Waszyngton


Canadian market in the context of CETA.

Zack Labieniec, ZBH Toronto

Romi Jaszczynski, ZBH Toronto


Furniture sector in Colombia - how to successfully enter the market?

The aim of the speech is to present a panorama of the furniture sector in Colombia. Characteristics of the local market and potential for Polish furniture, as well as tips on how to successfully start exporting.

Dorota Siry, ZBH Bogota

Status on May 21st, 2021

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