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Modern design, comfort of use and eco-friendly fabrics — furniture worth having


Revolutionary solutions such as combining eco-friendly fabrics and materials with wood, as well as high functionality of the presented furniture. These are the characteristics of the products submitted to the Gold Medal of Grupa MTP competition, presented at this year's MEBLE POLSKA fair. This year's edition is dominated by upholstered furniture, there is much less box furniture.

The competition jury of the Gold Medal of Grupa MTP had to face a considerable challenge, because the submitted products, although very diverse, according to the chairman of the jury are of a high standard. Therefore, selecting the best ones from all those submitted to this year's edition of the competition was a big challenge for the specialists.

Manufacturers focus on increasing the comfort of users, adapting furniture to specific social groups and giving them new, practical functions. The submission, for the first time, of a collection of furniture dedicated to seniors was a big surprise for the jury of the Gold Medal competition.

– All over Europe, including Poland, the aging of societies is visible. Seniors and people with disabilities are an important and constantly growing group of furniture users. In this case, we appreciated the design, comfort and safety of their use, as well as the health impact of the materials used. An important aspect was the use of furniture not only in specialist facilities, but also in the interiors of flats – says Prof. dr hab. Ewa Ratajczak, Chairwoman of the Competition Jury.

Members of the competition jury, for the first time, additionally awarded two special distinctions. The Grand Prix of Grupa MTP for the most innovative product among all those nominated for the Gold Medal was awarded to the 'Pola' collection by THE BEDS–STWD Roman Bilecki.  In this case, the attractive design, the combination of natural construction and upholstery materials, as well as the precision of workmanship and functionality of this furniture were appreciated. – Here we can detach the upholstered elements for cleaning or replacement, the advantage is also the silent closing and full extension of the drawers – says Prof. dr hab. Ewa Ratajczak, Chairwoman of the Competition Jury.

In turn, the product 'S-tube mattresses' by MATROLUXE POLAND fully deserved the prestigious Eco Prize award. It is a mattress in a tube (7 layers as an option), thanks to vacuum packaging it can be delivered to parcel lockers. The innovations include the construction of the mattress which consists of two independent parts (the base and the so-called topper), connected by a zipper, which can be replaced as needed. Out of concern for the environment, MATROLUXE POLAND has used natural resources – the cover is made of linen, and the mattress itself can be recycled.

The mattresses of other companies, submitted to the competition for the Gold Medal of Grupa MTP, are also attractive and innovative. Often, in addition to the individual combination of individual layers, they enable, among others, oxygenation during sleep or adjusting the firmness of the mattress using a remote control or smartphone.  The OXYGEN PLUS mattress by COMFORTEO Węgłowski i Stryjakiewicz Sp.k. has health properties. It provides adequate support for the spine, improves concentration, memory and immunity. The manufacturer assures that the mattress lowers blood pressure, protects against migraines, back pain, and numbness of the limbs.

It is also worth paying attention to the modular ERIS system of sofas and corner sofas by WAJNERT MEBLE Sp. z o. o. Convenience and comfort are ensured by adjustable headrests, and thanks to the electric seat extension, the piece of furniture can be perfectly adapted to your needs. WAJNERT MEBLE Sp. z o.o. is the main furniture exhibitor at the MEBLE POLSKA fair in Poznań. – We know that participation in such an event is a unique opportunity to present, sell and promote our latest collections. The presence at the fair also gives us the opportunity to conclude contracts and get to know our customers – their expectations and requirements for products. Participation in the fair also allows us to get to know our competition and see what trends persist in the industry – says Weronika Pawłowska, representative of WAJNERT MEBLE Sp. z o.o.

Experts point to the increasingly clear trend in the Polish furniture industry, consisting in arranging large spaces and interiors by designing large-sized furniture. They increase the sense of comfort and are conducive to good rest of the whole family. Manufacturers also focus on customisation of furniture that gives the possibility, for example, to adjust the seats and headrests, often using an application on a smartphone. The high quality of the materials used and the use of eco-friendly fabrics have become a common feature shared by all manufacturers.

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