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MTP TV: Laurent Boustani, CEO of TMB, Togo


Laurent Boustani about diversity and high quality of furniture he has found at the Meble Polska Furniture Trade Fair in Poznań.

Laurent Boustani, CEO of TMB's family business, came to Poznan from Togo, West Africa. It was his first visit to the largest furniture trade fair in Central and Eastern Europe.

"I am very surprised by the quality. I did not know that Polish manufacturers are able to create so many different products and also interesting features. I am astonished to see such diversity and excellent quality", says Laurent Boustani in the interview with MTP TV.

"I am very pleased because I came here with many ideas. I was looking for products and I found them, so I am leaving very satisfied. I would say it is diversity, richness, many arrangements, solid wood and design. This is extremely interesting because nowadays it is hard to find such quality for such an affordable price", explains TMB's boss.

Laurent Boustani, CEO of TMB, Togo