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MTP TV: Patrick Ledoux, Editor-in-Chief of the "Meubihome" magazine [video]


Patrick Ledoux about the changes that have taken place at Meble Polska Furniture Trade Fair over the last five years.

Patrick Ledoux, Editor-in-Chief of the furniture industry magazine "Meubihome", published in Belgium, has visited the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Trade Fair for the second time already. As he stresses in an interview with MTP TV, this event has changed significantly since his last visit 5 years ago.

"I think the fair is very relevant and it has changed a lot compared to the last time I’ve been here, which was like five, six years ago.

I think the Polish industry has invested a lot in fashion, in universal products, in product design, development and in technology. This is a major shift compared to five years ago," says Patrick Ladoux.

He was very impressed by VOX's exhibition in pavilion 10. As he notes, the company produces furniture in an assortment from which users can choose and create their own interior design, choosing different colours and finishes and creating original interior design. "I think it’s very revolutionary. We don’t have this kind of company in Belgium yet," adds Patrick Ledoux.

Patrick Ledoux, Editor-in-Chief of the "Meubihome" (Belgium)