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Poland's relevance in the European and global furniture industry


Europe acts as a pivotal hub for the production, consumption, and world trade of furniture, and Poland contributes significantly to the overall European production of furniture, with remarkable growth rates.

Over the last two decades, the furniture sector in Poland has experienced a rapid increase, establishing a substantial presence even on a world level. According to CSIL*, the country currently holds the esteemed position of being the third-largest furniture manufacturer in Europe and the seventh globally.

As far as furniture export is concerned, Poland boasts an impressive 91% of production destined for international markets proving to be very competitive also among non-European countries.

The furniture industry in Poland has a rich manufacturing heritage. The Polish furniture industry employs around 210,000 individuals, securing the top position in the EU in terms of employment. With over 23,800 companies, the furniture sector in the country is mainly constituted by SMEs.

Poland. Furniture Exports/Production ratio

Source: CSIL

*CSIL Reports:

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