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Scan&Connect - new service at the MEBLE POLSKA


Let us introduce our new service at the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Trade Fair: SCAN&CONNECT - ticket and business card in one!


During the Meble Polska 2024 fair, ALL visitors will receive badges that serves as entry tickets and business cards with contact details.

How does it work ❓

  • visitors in the entrance halls exchange their tickets for badges with a QR code,
  • each badge acts as a ticket and a business card that contains the data provided by the visitor during registration,
  • in order to leave contact information to the exhibitor, all visitor need to do is let them to scan the code.

All you need is a smart phone with Internet connection. No need to install any app ❗ After the show, the Exhibitor will be able to easily import all the contacts scanned by its employees from one place.

This year we are testing this service. If the interest in it is high, it is possible that during future editions we will also provide the possibility of cross-scanning to Visitors.

We would appreciate any comments and observations you have on how the new functionality works.

Networking never was so easy - just Scan & Connect ❗