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United Countries of Meble Polska


Did you know that the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Trade Fair has been visited by furniture buyers from nearly 100 countries over the past 5 years?

The MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Trade Fair is one of the most international events of the furniture industry in Europe. Every year furniture trade show in Poznań is visited by furniture buyers from more than 70 countries. For comparison, an event with a similar format held in Germany in the fall - the M.O.W. Fair in Bad Salzuflen - was recently visited by people from 66 countries.

We analyzed the visitor statistics of the last 5 years. It turned out that during this period the MEBLE POLSKA Trade Fair has been visited by traders from 92 countries!

Here's the full list of countries from which buyers come to the fair in Poznan to look for new contractors and to place orders for the next sales season.

Albania Estonia Japan Mongolia Slovakia
Algeria Finland Jordan Montenegro Slovenia
Angola France Kazakhstan Morocco South Korea
Armenia French Guiana Kenya Netherlands Spain
Australia Gambia Korea Nigeria Sri Lanka
Austria Georgia Kosovo North Macedonia Sweden
Bahrain Germany Kuwait Norway Switzerland
Belarus Greece Latvia Palestine Taiwan
Belgium Guatemala Lebanon Peru Togo
Bosnia and Herzegovina Hong Kong Libya Philippines Tunisia
Bulgaria Hungary Liechtenstein Poland Turkey
Canada Iceland Lithuania Portugal Ukraine
China India Luxembourg Qatar United Arab Emirates
Costa Rica Indonesia Madagascar Romania United Kingdom
Croatia Iraq Mali Russia USA
Cyprus Ireland Malta Saudi Arabia Uzbekistan
Czechia Israel Mauritius Scotland  
Denmark Italy Mexico Serbia  
Egypt Ivory Coast Moldova Singapore  

 "Go global" strategy

Grupa MTP - the organizer of the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Trade Fair - keeping with its the "Go global" strategy, is successively expanding the geographical reach of the event. Every year, promotional activities are expanded to new markets of great importance for the development of Polish furniture exports. As a result, since the fair changed its formula in 2010 to a strictly business-oriented one, the number of countries from which furniture buyers come to Poznan to order furniture has increased from 31 to 71. At the same time, the share of foreign visitors already exceeds 50 percent.

The largest group among visitors ware buyers from Germany. During the last edition, as many as 15.9 percent of foreign traders came from this country. Buyers from Lithuania, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, France, Ukraine and the Netherlands also participate in the fair in great numbers. Exhibitors' stands are also visited by representatives of the furniture trade from such important markets as the United States, Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

During the 2023 edition, the structure of visitors was as follows: