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WERSAL Furniture Factory with the largest stand at MEBLE POLSKA 2024


WERSAL Furniture Factory will again have the largest exposition at the MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Trade Fair. The stand of this renowned Polish manufacturer will occupy more than 1000 sqm.

The company's wide range of products includes furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, youth rooms and hotel rooms. Comfortable sofas, corner sofas, beds with spring mattresses, as well as a separate line of mattresses will satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers. What distinguishes the Wersal brand from the competition is its wide selection of furniture equipped with electric functions. For years, the company has specialized in producing ergonomic and practical furniture with electrically adjustable seat depth.

WERSAL has mastered to perfection the operation of electric mechanisms, so that the furniture produced is fully usable. Such solutions are seen not only in corners and sofas, but also in beds. The use of a system of electric adjustment of the position of mattresses makes it possible to adjust the sleeping position to individual needs. All this makes WERSAL Furniture Factory a leader in the production of upholstered electric furniture.

WERSAL Furniture is a family business, based on the foundations of generations of experience. For more than 30 years it has consistently pursued the vision of creating furniture, combining elegance, functionality and the latest trends with a unique sense of market needs. Products of the highest quality have for many years enjoyed the recognition of a growing group of customers around the world. The company is constantly improving its operations so that furniture signed with the WERSAL logo is created in response to the real needs of users.

The company is in possession of a modern machinery park, designed according to the highest standards to optimize the production process, which has increased the company's turnover and profits, placing it high in the rankings of upholstered furniture manufacturers. However, the most valuable resource of the WERSAL brand are the people. Today this means more than 1,500 employees, for whom the company is a guarantee of stable, safe and comfortable work.


WERSAL - a family business

The success of WERSAL Furniture Factory was influenced by many factors, but the breakthrough moment in building the brand became 2005. At that time Łukasz Kaczorowski, the son of the factory's founders, boldly entered the company and proposed new solutions. Full of ideas and energy, he chose to make WERSAL products known not only in Poland, but also around the world. This modern approach to development and investment resulted in a huge step for the company. Bold but thoughtful decisions emerged, thanks to which the company increased its competitive advantage and improved efficiency.

WERSAL also focused on brand promotion. Not only on the intranet and in the media, but also focused on participation in trade shows, domestic and international. The new owner's ingenuity and commitment drive the team. As a result, the company continues to grow and gain popularity. The values passed down by the founder have not been forgotten. They continue to be central to the development of the brand. The entry of Lukasz Kaczorowski into the company was an important point for the development of the factory. Innovative and progressive approaches in brand building, combined with the experience of the factory's founder, Zbigniew Kaczorowski, made it possible to create one of the largest upholstered furniture, beds and mattresses factories in Poland.

Łukasz i Zbigniew Kaczorowski - Fabryka Mebli Wersal


History of WERSAL Furniture Factory

WERSAL Furniture Factory was established over 30 years ago in a small village located in the Wielkopolska voivodeship - Jankowy. The company's founder - Zbigniew Kaczorowski transformed a small, backyard workshop into one of the largest upholstered furniture, bed and mattress factories in Poland. It was passion, diligence and constant pursuit of goals that helped the owner achieve such success.

From the very beginning of the start of the business, that is, from 1989, his visions and goals were consistently realized. In 1994, a new company headquarters was established, located at the address - Jankowy 1A. In the same period, a production hall was also put into operation. In 1996, WERSAL Furniture Factory exhibited its models for the first time at a furniture fair, which was quite an honor and success for the company. The year 2002 marked the beginning of further investments. The number of orders exceeded the owners' expectations, so it was decided to expand both the assembly hall and the warehouses themselves. Due to the ever-increasing production, this was a necessity.

In 2009, a new office building was established, and the logo itself underwent a noticeable rebranding. The yellow and red color scheme was changed to beige and gold, and a sigil - a lion - was added to the logotype. The year 2010 is a time of further investment and expansion of the plant. A new 8,000-square-meter facility was built to serve as a production and storage facility. Four years later, due to steadily increasing sales, a carpentry shop was launched, equipped with modern machinery.

To increase the capacity of the factory in 2016, it was decided to add another production and storage hall, this time with an area of 20,000 sqm. Just 4 years after the launch of the carpentry shop, another one was launched, as the demand for furniture was so huge. In the same year, 2018, the decision was made to change the logo again. The lion sigil remained, but the color scheme changed. It was opted for classic black associated with luxury and elegance. The tagline -,,FURNITURE CO.'' - was also applied.

Demand for furniture and the sheer popularity of WERSAL-branded products grew, so in 2020 it was decided to expand the factory, as well as to launch another production and warehouse complex. A production hall in Pieczyska was purchased, and then it was completely modernized and equipped with modern equipment.

Investments are an integral part of the brand's strategy. Therefore, in the middle of 2023, an exhibition complex with a showroom, conference rooms and a restaurant was put into operation. Currently, the factory occupies almost 20 hectares of floor space, of which 100,000 sqm are occupied by production and warehouse facilities.

See the stand of the WERSAL Furniture Factory at the MEBLE POLAND 2023 trade fair