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Who wants to be the next China? [video]


The furniture imports from China to the US have decreased in the last half year. Poland is one of the countries that want to fight for a place on the American market. See a video post of the "Furniture Today" Editor In Chief Bill McLoughlin...

"Furniture Today" is a leading American furniture magazine. We invited this year to visit MEBLE POLSKA Furniture Fair Powell Slaughter, Senior Editor of "Furniture Today", for whom it was the first ever visit to Poznań. “When I was invited to Poznań, I read a bit about Poland's position as a furniture exporter and I was amazed to discover that it was the third largest furniture exporter in the world. I am very impressed with the overall quality of the exhibitors, the presentation, the pure professionalism of all the people whom I have dealt with here. It is a great event. I have been to many trade shows attended by exhibitors from all over the world. However, it is here that I can really get a good picture of the country's potential, because this fair really focuses on the products available in Poland,” comments Powell Slaughter in an interview with MTP TV.

Ed Blake, Strategic Project Coordinator at Ashley Furniture Homestores, an American network of 750 stores in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America and Asia, who also attended this year edition of MEBLE POLSKA, draws attention to the flexible approach of Polish furniture manufacturers whom he met during his visit to the fair in Poznań. “Polish companies are ready to change their product for anyone who wishes that, whether it's about size, color or other features,” points Ed Blake in the interview with MTP TV.