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Winners of the Gold Medals Competition


BALI – Multi-module Corner System with relax function

STELLA Sp. z o.o. POLDEM Group

This model is characterised by the lightness of its form, emphasised by high, elegant legs and the use of a rather low base. The prestigious character of the collection was accentuated by precisely applied finishing elements. The collection guarantees exceptional comfort and relaxation. The structure of seats and backrests is based on the layers of a whole range of foams. All modules feature smoothly adjustable headrests and can be optionally equipped with the Relax function in the cardio version.


DIXON – Multi-module Corner System

STELLA Sp. z o.o. POLDEM Group

This line has been designed for living room spaces arranged in a modern style. The delicate, rounded lines of the seats and backrests, as well as the spacious armrest create the impression of exceptional comfort and relaxation at from the first look at this shape. A concept created to ensure freedom of fabric and colour, i.e. the possibility of adopting different upholstery colours for individual modules. The design was awarded in two competitions – the domestic 'Furniture Diamond 2024' and the furniture fair in Brussels – 'Balthazars.




ELIPSE is a collection of modern upholstered furniture, characterised by a sleeping function, a comfortable seat and backrest. Its quilted backrests add elegance and create a subtle pattern, emphasising the high quality of workmanship. The collection is the essence of modernity, being at the same time a functional and designer element of your interior.




Discover Gerro – a revolutionary table from SEDNO and Mebella. Inspired by nature, it combines design with functionality. Easy assembly, flat packaging and a fresh colour palette make it the perfect addition to any interior. An excellent choice for those who value style and comfort.

The product received the Eco Prize award as well



Fabryka Mebli WERSAL Z.B.Ł. Kaczorowscy Sp. k.

 ILUSIO is distinguished by its rounded shape, which perfectly fits the latest trends. The simple form of the corner sofa has been enriched with a rounded lounge, and additional backrest cushions allow you to take a comfortable position while resting. The electric seat extension allows you to increase the usable space by 17 cm. The headrests are mounted on aluminium sliding mechanisms to adapt the rest to individual needs. The design of the mechanism gives this piece of furniture an original character, thanks to which incredible comfort goes hand in hand with an elegant and minimalist look. The corner sofa is placed on interesting legs, intersecting at an angle, which create an integral whole and refer to the black, matte automatic headrests. All these details make the ILUSIO model the quintessence of comfort, good style and functionality, thus meeting the expectations of even the most demanding users.

Gio Modular Furniture Collection

PUSZMAN Sp. z o.o.

Originality, comfort, design are words that fully reflect the character of the Gio modular furniture collection. The collection was created for lovers of original style, for whom a designer and comfortable relaxation space is important. Gio is a combination of functionality, modularity and aesthetics that are simply striking. Its rounded shape is in line with current trends in interior design, and the design of the furniture gives the interior a subtle, modern look and a designer touch. This is the perfect choice for people who are looking for something original for their home.


Twig Furniture Collection

STWD Roman Bilecki – THE BEDS

The Twig collection confirms the trends towards which The Beds brand is heading – refined style, quality, nature. Style is revealed through repeated details in each piece of furniture, making any room look unique. The quality of solid wood provides a sense of prestige and closeness to nature.


RIMINI Collection

MAZZONI Tomasz Duczmal

To meet the latest trends, we have created a unique and original RIMINI furniture collection. We present you a perfectly suitable set of furniture for a living room or office space The perfect combination of taupe and anthracite attracts the eye and creates a unique and exceptional impression. Unusual yet simple shapes, mostly timeless beige, bring cosiness to the interior and make us feel comfortable in it. Ribbed fronts give classic elegance and are a must-have this season. These combinations work together perfectly, creating a unique collection that attracts attention and catches the eye.

The product received the Gold Medal Consumers' Choice award as well


Bed CONCEPT Half-bed with a sofa

Lenart Meble

We believe that home is closeness, and to ensure this closeness, we need as much space as possible. The half-bed with a sofa is a response to the challenges posed by modern times. Thanks to it, it is possible to rearrange a cosy living room into a full-size bedroom in just a few moments.


ROMA – Furniture Collection

MAZZONI Tomasz Duczmal

The ROMA collection is a complete novelty that combines modern design with solid workmanship and functionality. It delights with its elegant form with subtle decorations in the form of grooves and roundings, as well as excellent workmanship. This is our premium product. The collection includes furniture for the room and the hall, including display cabinets, chests of drawers, a TV table and a coffee table.



Fabryka Mebli TARANKO Aleksander Taranko 

The ROSTOCK collection combines classic with modernity and functionality. The combination of natural oak veneer with black colour gives the furniture from this collection a simple form, while presenting good style and elegance. The range of shapes allows for any composition, depending on the purpose and organisation of the space. The harmonious combination of nature with modernity and subtle style makes the collection work well in both simple interiors and those dominated by colours and accessories.


Tiny Sofa


The light design and slim proportions make the Tiny sofa perfect for small rooms. Its delicate appearance will add style to any living room. This is a unique response to the needs of modern families. We offer two types of sides to choose from, so you can choose the one that best suits the dimensions and interior arrangement. Thanks to the large sleeping function and bedding container, you no longer have to choose between functionality and good design.  An ideal visual and practical complement is an oak table or coffee tray, built into the structure of the sofa, creating an extraordinary duo.

The product received the Grand Prix award as well